Sound for the Hounds

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Saturday September 8, 2012


Thank you to everyone who has supported us...
It comes with profound gratitude and appreciation to everyone who has supported us making our second Sound for the Hounds concert the tremendous success that it was. Who knew, when they were predicting a tornado coming across northern New Jersey, that is was Sound for the Hounds they were referring to.

Our Message was strong, loud and clear when speaker Tera Burgger, did a wonderful job at kicking off this years event. I especially loved her challenge to everyone to tell at least 3 people about puppy mills. Thank you Tera for your dedication & continued support of helping us get the puppy mill message out. 

Our exhibit tent was a huge success because it was wo-manned by the beautiful Carol Araneo - Mayer. Carol had the toughest job (and did it so well) talking with every single person who came across her path, giving them the information they needed so next time they look for a dog they are not unknowingly supporting a puppy mill. Thank you Carol.

The day would have not been complete without the deep felt sounds of Danny Nova (a lover of animals, he doesn't even eat them). Danny did a terrific job at keeping the day moving with his beautiful song and his witty remarks at our dog contest. It was a blast emceeing with you. Danny was followed by the WhiskyHicken Boys who drove over a hundred miles so they could perform for us. Yet they still had enough energy to make you just want to get up and dance. The music was wonderful and was loved by all. 

Of corse the obvious hits of the day were our extraordinary guests starting with Tera Burger, followed by Jenny Stephens who came with a no nonsense message. I can't help but stop and listen when Jenny speaks. Any information about dogs in puppy mills is always precise and factual and one of the reasons I respect her as I do. Thank you Jenny for all your years of fighting for the dogs but especially your friendship. 

To Bill Smith, the man who's responsible for teaching me about puppy mills. In life, you never know who you will touch, and without you and your persistence to educate the world about puppy mills this day would have not have happened. Thank you for sending out the terrific blast of press releases and for all you do for the animals.

Bob Baker, what a wonderful human being. You would never know that this man has seen the worst of what mankind has done to the creatures of the earth yet he has been unscathed by it. He's incredibly warm, kind and gentle. If you are fortunate to know him then you know exactly what I'm talking about. Thank you Bob, not only for all that you do for animals but for being such a special person and allowing me to follow you around the entire day.

To Laura Flynn Amato. I know she must tire of me always reminding her of my deep gratitude to her for rescuing one particular dog from a puppy mill, my dog. How could I not be forever grateful to the person who has given me the love of my life? After years of abuse in a puppy mill, Laura was the first person to touch that precious little girl with kindness. For her, and the thousands of others you have saved from a life of despair, I will always be grateful.

How could you not love Annmaire Lucas and her handsome husband? They had such a presence and were so well received and adored by fans. I could always tell where Annmarie was I just had to look for the crowd of people following her. Thank you Annmarie for bringing your beautiful smile, charm and for all you do for the animals. 

Thank you to all the rescues that work so hard and are so dedicated to get hundreds of dogs homes. It's never ending of how many dogs are disposed of and it's a thankless job, but all of you are really making a difference. Thank you to the Bloomfield Animal Shelter for your support and for staying focused on helping animals. You're doing a superior job. Thank you to Montclair Animal Shelter for also keeping your eye on what's important…the animals.

Thank you to United Against Puppy Mills for their financial support and their volunteers Marci, Dave and sweet Cyndy Baxter. A big thank you to all of our sponsors and vendors who with their support help make this day possible. A special thank you to our hardworking volunteers who did much of the grunt work. Thank you to Sandra Harris from STFBR, who did a lot of behind the scenes work. Also Katie & Matt Yenchik and sweet Candy Kelly who did much of the grunt work, Clay Meyers for his beautiful pictures 

Thank you to Gene of Precision Gem for your continued support, hard work and for always bringing a sparkle with your kind donation of a beautiful gem stone, which by the way it's still not too late to enter for a chance to win.

Thank you to Above All Party Rental and Party Preferred rentals. WOW!  I can honestly say that I haven't see such hardworking men in a long time (with no bellyaching) what a great job! If anyone needs a great place to rent items they are the people to go to. 

Thank you to everyone for coming and learning the truth about puppy mills… Our voices are getting louder and we need to stand together and learn what we can do as a community to end puppy mills. Long story short Rescue or Adopt. 

Please continue to share this page for puppy mill information and updates on our next Puppy Mill Awareness Concert.
This year one of our distinguished guest will be TV star ANNEMARIE LUCAS from ANIMAL PLANET'S "ANIMAL PRECINCT". Annemarie Lucas has been protecting animals for over fifteen years and is known world wide as a woman who stands up for those who cannot speak for themselves. She has saved thousands of animal victims, and has brought their abusers to justice as an Animal Cop for a large Humane Organization in NYC.
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This years Musical Entertainment
Danny Nova is a world-class vocalist whose music-making abilities cannot be denied. As a songwriter, Nova is admired for his fine blending of lyrical content with melodic and flowing musical compositions. Peer songwriters consider his lyrical content as seasoned, poised, sensitive and profound with a thin lining of obscurity.

Thank you Danny for donating your talent for helping us to raise puppy mill awareness.
The Whiskeyhickon Boys have a unique sound that shakes your should and awakens your senses. Their sound is a fusion of Folk, Bluegrass, Rockabilly and Hip-Hop with a splash of Funk blended together creating a musical cocktail they call Gangsta Folk.
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Receive a
Play along with our live bands
KUZ-U care about helping dogs in puppy mills

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Speakers about Puppy Mills
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Bob Baker - Executive Director Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation
Bob Baker has been active in animal welfare for over three decades and is a nationally recognized authority on animal cruelty. His work on investigations, legislative initiatives, and his advocacy efforts on behalf of animals, has been widely acclaimed. Bob brings extensive experience to the Alliance, having worked for both national and local humane organizations during his career. Recently with the ASPCA, he played a key role in efforts to combat the cruelties of puppy mills and to effect the passage of precedent setting legislation in Pennsylvania regulating large-scale commercial dog breeding operations. In addition, Bob served as Chief Investigator for the Humane Society of the United States for several years.

Bob conceived and aided in the production of several national news exposes on animal abuse including pieces on “60 Minutes,” “20/20” and “Dateline.” He has been a tireless spokesperson over the years on a host of animal issues. He is a respected author and his book The Misuse of Drugs in Horse Racing resulted in major reforms in the horse racing industry.
Jenny Stephens - North Penn Puppy Mill Watch
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Long time Pennsylvania companion animal advocate Jenny Stephens is the director of North Penn Puppy Mill Watch, a grass roots organization dedicated to raising awareness about the "Pet Shop/Puppy Mill Chain of Abuse."  Her message to "Be Their Voice" via the group's Saturday pet shop demonstrations, as well as the many articles she's authored to keep advocates up-to-date about issues affecting dogs trapped in high volume commercial breeding kennels, have been an inspiration to many.  In addition to her work with NPPMWatch, she serves as a board member for United Against Puppy Mills.
Bill Smith - Main Line Animal Rescue
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Bill Smith is the founder of Main Line Animal Rescue. Bill has dedicated his life to fighting "puppy mills", the warehouses where dogs are raised for profit in tiny cages, denied sufficient medical care, and often killed when they get sick or can no longer breed. Bill has appeared on nationally televised shows providing much awareness and education on puppy mills. Check out the following from Main Line Animal Rescue
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Laura Flynn Amato
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Laura Flynn-Amato is the founder of No More Tears Rescue. A non profit organization that rescues puppy mill dogs from breeding facilities. She was debuted in the HBO documentary Madonna of The Mills and has rescued over 4,000 dogs.

In the process, she has forever changed her life and the lives of those families fortunate enough to adopt one of these remarkable “puppy mill” survivors.
Tera Bruegger
Tera Bruegger is a director and adoption coordinator with Hearts United for Animals (HUA), a no-kill animal shelter and sanctuary specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of puppymill dogs. HUA has rescued over 10,000 dogs from puppymills. Tera works to educate others on puppymills and believes that education is one of the keys to shutting down the puppymill industry.
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Beware of Where You Buy Your Dog or Puppy - download this informative 1 page flyer. Click HERE to download

Feel free to print and hand out this flyer to inform people about puppy mills and how we can end them.
Much thanks to the many rescues, shelters, sponsors, vendors and WHCR's Gary Tann, who helped to make the first annual Sound for the Hounds Awareness Concert the tremendous success that it was.   We couldn't have done it without you and together we DID raise awareness about the plight of the breeder dogs trapped in commercial breeding kennels.  Together we will continue to make a difference for these dogs and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

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Reputable Breeder or Puppy Mill? There are several ways to tell them apart

Puppy Mills...
  • Usually have several breeds of dogs for sale, keep a lot of dogs and always have a lot of puppies.
  • Often offer to ship dogs to new owners.
  • Sell puppies over the Internet and in pet stores.
  • Do not require an application or references from people buying a puppy.
  • Usually will not allow customers to view their property or kennel.
  • Don’t ask buyers to return the dog or contact them if the owners cannot keep the dog.
  • Do not typically screen dogs for genetic defects.
  • Simple... If you don't see the puppy's mom don't buy the puppy.